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Statistics and Informatics

Department of Statistics and Informatics

About the Department

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to contribute to the overall objectives of the University of Sulaimani through excellence in research and education in the Statistical Sciences and through services to the university community, statistical profession, and society at large. The statistics department at our school continues to recruit the highest-quality department and students, and dedicate resources to producing leaders of the field for the next generation.

The department also has substantial cross-disciplinary research activities such as data collection, classification and the techniques to analyzing that information by using an outstanding statistical packages that have been commonly used to solve problem in several major areas, including social sciences, and life sciences.


Many of our lecturers and researchers work on some of the most important problems of the day, including modeling and analyzing complex and high dimensional data by both group working and individual research. In addition, they partially participate in overcoming the issues that faced to some of the government institutions and private-sector. However, this department still needs to be contributed by government institutions via exchanging idea regarding the most essential subjects that related to the statistical profession.

Academic Staff:

    The Statistics Dept. has the following teaching members: 
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