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Business Management

Department of Business Management

About the Department
The Department of Business Management aims at becoming a first class regionally recognized in Iraq and Middle East Department of business management in Kurdistan region of Iraq with a deep focus on excellence in teaching and research that provides interactive thinking to real business needs and motivates, and therefore makes applicable contributions to the growing literature. The Department shall continuously attempt to meet the demands of its society, students, staff members and business community in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Department of Business Management mission is to create and sustain an active academic environment in which learning and achievement simultaneously meet the needs of the University and of the society within which it operates. Our department will achieve this Goal through:
  • Substitution of excellent teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 
  • Providing concrete foundation to students, and offer comprehensive, useful curriculum to prepare them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to assertively move on to the next phases of life, within the competitive fields of business and commerce. 
  • Producing competent and qualified graduates with high performance and ethical standards, to justify their roles in the 
  • professional market. 
  • Focusing on quality of lecturers, and invest in executive development programs. 
  • Encouraging the improvement of community through consulting the relevant people as an interaction with its environment and realizing its social responsibility.