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Department of Accounting 

Accounting Department

About the Department

Accounting department is one of the four departments of the school of administration and economics at the University of Sulaimani.  It was established in 2000-2001. The department is increasingly recognized as one of the top demanded scientific parts at the University of Sulaimani.

This department provides both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Concerning the undergraduate course, the capacity of the department to accept students yearly is currently between 90-100 students. It only accepts students that have successfully passed high school/ scientific branch with a grade of very good at least. From 2003-2004, the department has been producing graduates continuously.

 In addition to undergraduate course, the department provides 6 seats annually on average for postgraduate studying in accounting. In order obtain a master degree, students must attend and successfully complete a two-year full-time course. Graduates form the department of accounting will have high opportunity to grab a job as an accountant in public and private sectors.